Innovation in mining and other raw material industries

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will sponsor a special session on “Innovation in mining and other raw material industries”.

Organizers: Carsten Fink, Julio Raffo and Giulia Valacchi, WIPO Department of Economics and Data Analytics (DEDA)


As the global population grows and standards of living in emerging and developing countries rises, the demand for mineral products is increasing. Mining ensures that we have an adequate supply of the raw materials to produce all the components of modern life, and at competitive prices. Innovation is critical for developing techniques for finding new deposits of minerals, enabling us to recover increasing amounts of minerals from the ground in a cost-effective manner, and ensuring it is done in a way that is as environmentally responsible. Innovation is a tool to face the many challenges encountered in these industries.

Relevant topics: Topics of interest relevant to this session include, but are not limited to:

→ Environmental and socially sustainable mining innovation
→ Global Value Chains, FDI and innovation in mining industries
→ Commodity prices and financing of mining innovation
→ Measuring mining innovation
→ Innovation in other raw materials and extractive industries